Monday, December 27, 2010


Is what we were this holiday season.

Actually…we were ridiculously spoiled.

Last weekend, we celebrated the holiday with my mom and younger brother David. Gavin received a mini trampoline which he absolutely adores. Not only is it wonderful for a Minnesota kid needing to burn some energy in the cold, winter months…it is fantastic CF therapy. The more he bounces…the more he shakes, rattles and rolls all that sticky mucus out of his lungs!


My brother also hooked him up with some new hockey gear, Gavin was psyched! All day he would yell, “Me play hockey! He shoots, he scooooooores!”


I made my mom a new apron, little did I know that she had been shopping for one!


Christmas morning….Gavin was super confused about the whole Santa ordeal. I quickly realized that he had expected Santa to be sitting in our living room, handing him the presents! Whoops! I’ll have to explain that a bit better next year!

Santa does not wrap Christmas presents, so while Gavin was busy playing with those toys awaiting him under the tree, he refused to open any of the gifts Casey and I had bought him. But, with some encouragement from Mom & Dad, he quickly figured out that his stocking was filled with gifts, and that each wrapped present held yet another new toy.

One of his new favorites? This V-tech laptop.

It comes with a USB cord, so were able to personalize it for him. Not only does it know his name, we created “emails” from family members that he can listen to/read. And see this button?


He can create pretend blog entries…a perfect option in this household! He loves to sit next to me on the couch, open up his own new laptop, and “type” along with me.

A second favorite was a remote controlled truck. I didn’t snap a picture of him using it, but rather than the typical remote, this one is shaped like a steering wheel. All Gavin has to do is turn the wheel to turn the truck, and push either the forward & backward button.

truckpicture courtesy

Christmas afternoon we headed over to Grandpa & Grandma Groettum’s. Luckily, we didn’t have to drive far as it snowed throughout the weekend. (But I am so glad that finally it’s not Minnesota getting hit with an actual blizzard! We’ve had enough of those for awhile!) Once again Gavin, as well as Casey and I, were spoiled rotten. Gavin received numerous gifts including building blocks, duplos and a basketball hoop


I also made the boys matching superhero capes

The flipside of the cape is red, with the Superman logo. Of course Gavin refused to wear it (you can see him tugging at it in the picture above), but his cousin Grant wore it the entire day, and didn’t believe anyone who told him I had made it :)

Gavin adores his cousins, and we really wish that we lived closer to them. The day after Christmas he kept asking to go back to Gpa & Gma’s to see them, and cried when I told him that they had gone home to Indiana.

cousins 2
cousins 3

Casey’s mom also hooked me up with a Keuring coffee maker (and all four adults got new North Face coats!)


Not long after I woke up yesterday morning, I got it out of the box and made my first cup. I just might be in love with that machine. With my cup of coffee in hand, I took down all of our Christmas decor. As much fun as it was to decorate, I couldn’t wait to get the house back in order. Although…we’re still trying to figure out where we are going to fit all of new gifts!


  1. I LOVE that trampoline. :) My nephews who are 18 mos and 4 got one as well and they absolutely love it. It helps get out all their crazy energy and I love that it has the handles so they can hold on and be a little safer.

  2. What brand is the trampoline ... Any idea where i can get one?

  3. Oh those capes are the best! Looks like Casey will have to dress up like Santa next year and hand out gifts!

  4. We also have that same trampoline here that was gifted to miss Rylee for her birthday. She loves it and it is a must for a cf'er of this age. Not one day goes by without some sky high jumping in this house hold!

  5. Brianna got a basketball hoop too and LOVES it... She plays for hours. Usually it's her and Nathan against Bentley (our pug) and me. I am not going to lie; Bentley is a pretty good ball stealer... LOL