Friday, December 3, 2010


Today, we’re under a Winter Storm Warning.


Luckily, we have a whole lot of nothing planned for the weekend. A trip to the grocery store and church are the only items on our schedule.

As I speak, the snow has started to fall. The streets are covered with a thin layer of white and the flakes are slowly gaining strength in size and force. Our winter coats and snowpants are hanging in the front closet ready to go. We have mittens, hats and scarves galore. Unattractive, yet cozy warm boots are anxiously awaiting use by the front door. A little boy who has already learned to catch snowflakes on the tip of his tongue will no longer have to beg his mama for snow.

I love this time of year, where we restlessly anticipate the first big storm. When we aren’t yet sick and tired (sometimes literally) of piles and piles of snow. When a red button nose is quickly warmed by a steaming cup of hot chocolate overflowing with melting marshmallows. When a winter wonderland truly makes it feel like Christmas is just around the corner.

Gavin is off gallivanting around town with his Grandma, allowing me some peace and quiet on this wintery afternoon. I can only imagine his little nose being glued to the windows watching this miracle of mother nature. I should be doing many a things…laundry, vacuuming, organizing…but I’ve decided that all of that can wait. I am going to enjoy this rare moment of silence to just sit here with a cup of hot chocolate, wearing my warmest socks and wrapped up in an oversized sweater while watching episode upon episode of HGTV shows gazing at the Christmas tree.

Oh and by the way…did your Thanksgiving celebrations result in your aunt and uncle being bound together by fuzzy, sexy handcuffs?


I bet not.


  1. Snow storms are always fun when you have nowhere to go.

  2. I love the snow too, where we live in England we don't get really great snow storms unless we are really lucky. Stay warm but have lots of fun!

    Love your new header picture, gavin has stunning eyes!!

  3. Love storm warnings. Loved them even more when I was still teaching. Teachers love snow days even more than the kiddos.