Tuesday, January 25, 2011


On Sunday we trekked over to the local YMCA. Casey hit up the gym, while Gavin and I decided to head over to the pool.

I have to say, the pool is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen at a YMCA. It has the typical pool for laps and such, and then a completely separate salt water pool with walk in access, sprinklers, a small toddler slide, an area for volleyball, a huge waterslide and a mini lazy river.

The first few minutes, Gavin was slightly panicked…clutching onto me for dear life. But he quickly relaxed and started splashing around like a mad man, telling everyone within earshot, “me swimmin! see! me swimmin! me goooooood swimmer!”

For the first time he put his head under by choice, and would come up sputtering and laughing. It was so much fun to watch and I couldn’t help but think to myself…maybe now he’ll actually let me wash his hair in the bathtub without throwing a fit

See, this is the face that he made yesterday when I told him that it was time to wash his hair…

IMG_4503no, his hair isn’t wet, just crusty dinner leftovers

Which was quickly followed by a discussion (aka begging mama no) about not having to wash his hair. He loves the playtime during bath time, but doesn’t particularly enjoy the actual bath  part.


He hates getting his face/head wet in the shallow waters of the tub, but eagerly sticks is face in the water at the huge pool? This kid…

Oddly enough, promising him that he could help me empty the dishwasher got him so excited that I was able to wash his hair without a tear, but rather with a giggle this time. Apparently bath time requires bribe time these days…but it can’t be that bad when the bribe is teaching him a new household chore, right?!?



  1. Our boys have identical personalities. Nathan loves swimming but God help me washing his hair is torture.

  2. A salt water pool? I've never seen one except where fish are kept. I can't think why they'd go to the expense since Salt water requires expensive materials to resist corrosion.

  3. Lol! The second picture is hilarious.

  4. LevyKM - My husband and I converted our pool into a salt water pool months before Bryce was born and before we found out he had CF. It's a lot less maintenance. We haven't had to do any maintenance to it since we converted. We don't even have to shock it anymore. It's really good for children with sensitive skin too. We learned that after we converted to it though.