Sunday, January 30, 2011

A redo and a deal

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased the armoire below for $20. I didn’t get a picture of the lower two drawers before I had already primed them out, but one drawer was that same blue, and the other was that shade of…pink? Obviously, the color choice wasn’t for me, but it’s a sturdy & solid piece of wood furniture (not veneer) so I knew a coat of paint would make the world of difference…



(please ignore the cords, they’ve since been fixed and put away!)

The color in the picture above is a bit off, the drawer pulls are a brown (not red as they appear) and the paint is a fairly dark navy blue. Little did I know that it would take four coats of blue paint to get it properly redone! But it looks fantastic in Gavin’s room and provides some extra, and much needed, storage for toys, books, clothes etc. With the additional cost of paint, this piece of furniture came in under $30.

Remember my earlier post about coupons? How companies will often mail you coupons if you just ask? I had recently written to Pampers (Kimberly Clark) and asked for some. They sent me $20 worth! Two $10 coupons, each for a box of diapers. Well wouldn’t you know, at Target today if you bought two boxes of Pampers you got a five dollar gift card. So with my coupons, we got two boxes of diapers for the price of one (each were $19.84 + tax) plus that extra gift card. I also had an additional thirty dollars worth of coupons, so today we save $50 at our favorite store! And wow, did we come home with a lot of stuff…

 IMG_4583please ignore the messy floors & no rug, as you can see by the Swiffer in the background, I was preparing to clean!

Luckily Gavin was in the mood to help, and carried several of the bags from the front entry into the kitchen...but obviously had to check out the contents of each as he made the trip


I love that he’s at an age where helping out mom & dad is fun! Yesterday, we cut out coupons together and you would have thought we were doing an exciting art project, he had a blast! 

We also have a pile of coupons from Huggies, and from Carnation ready and waiting for our next trip…like I said, all you have to do is ask! They love to keep their customers happy!


  1. Wow, cool. You totally went shopping! Love the paint job, it's awesome!

  2. Gotta love a good shopping trip at Target. They've been sending me coupons for $5 gift certificates with a $50 purchase... That's not hard to do. Definitely helps with the extra coupons you've scored.

  3. I love the coupon thing. My daughter has cf and is lactose intolerant as well. We spend a small fortune on OTC meds like lactaid. I call the companies and they send coupons and it's not a one time only thing either! Sure helps a lot!