Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 month appt

Gavin had his 2 month wellness visit at his regular pediatrician today. He weighed 11 pounds 11 ounces and was 23.75 inches long! This puts him at nearly the 60th percentile for his weight and the 70th percentile for his height! His head was also in the 70th percentile, hopefully that big ole head is full of lots of brains! We are thinking that maybe he'll become a doctor and cure his own stinking disease! (Did you know that the inventor of the pacemaker ended up needing one himself?!?)

He also had 3 immunizations and took one oral vaccine. Gavin was not a fan of any of this, not even a little bit! When the nurse held down his legs and I had his arms he knew that this wasn't going to be even a little bit fun, but he was a brave boy and it was over in just a few seconds. It was pretty funny to see three big kid band aids on those little chunky legs! We ended up giving him a little bit of tylenol when he started to get really cranky and restless this afternoon and he has now slept most of the evening.

We are lucky that our pediatrician, Dr. Robert Karasov, did his residency at the U of MN and spent some time with their CF Center. Because of this, he is familiar with the program and what the disease can entail. I have heard horror stories from other CF parents (that I have met through online support groups) about their clueless pediatricians. Gavin will not see Dr. Karasov very often, we can use the CF center for pretty much every issue (ear infections etc.) except for his immunizations which we need to get at Park Nicollet for the insurance company to cover them.

The doctor also said that Gavin is now old enough to be able to sleep through the night...we'll have to wait and see if Gavin agrees with his decision :)

P.S. Have I mentioned that the median age for CFers at the U of MN CF Center is 10 years older than the nat'l average?!? Once again....Go Gophs!

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