Monday, April 6, 2009

CFF fundraiser

Nothing too exciting has been happening around here, so there is not a lot to write about. Tonight, Casey, Gavin and I went to Baker's Square for dinner. They donated 10% of all proceeds to the CFF Foundation from all of their locations in MN from 4-9 pm today. There were several other tables that were there for same reason so hopefully they raised a good amount of money!

We have less than a month until our Great Strides Walk and we have raised nearly $4,000! Casey and I are both so impressed that so many people have stepped up to help us out. Also, Casey's dad's business, Schmidt Goodman in Rochester, is having denim day twice in April. Employees can donate $5 to wear denim to work two days this month and the proceeds will go towards our walk, very exciting! Thanks Bob!

Gavin has really started to show us his little personality, and he is SO SMILEY! He loves when Casey sings to him and sticks out his tongue at him. Every now and then he cracks a little giggle, its so funny watching him try to learn to laugh! He also attempts to stick his tongue out just like daddy, won't be long until he can pull that off! He has also gotten very good at getting his hands in his mouth. No, not his fingers...he tries to get his whole fist in there, and it sure is slobbery. We're definitely going to need to be on germ patrol with this little guy!

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