Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in Aitkin, MN

This last weekend we went up to our cabin in Aitkin, MN. It was a little chilly but warm enough to spend some time outside. We packed Gavin into the Baby Bjorn and took a nice long walk on Saturday. Louie went on at least two walks each day and he was so exhausted at night that he could barely lift his head! Gavin celebrated his first Easter and got a few presents (and some chocolate candy, wonder who that was for?!?). Gavin received a new stuffed bunny and a lullaby soother for his crib. Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend!
Is this all for me?!?
I am the same size as my Easter basket

I think my parents bought me chocolate candy
so they could eat it themselves...

Me and my new pal Mr. Bunny...he lives in my crib

It looks like I am enjoying the view, but I was actually
very grumpy and crying

It sure was windy! But it was a fun weekend
at the cabin!

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