Monday, April 20, 2009

A Weekend In Rochester

We spent the last 4 days in Rochester spending time at Casey's parents. Casey's sister Stacy was in town from Indiana with her kids Morgan (4 1/2) and Grant (15 months). Yes, we did constantly call Grant, Gavin and Gavin, Grant :) It was a blast to finally get all three kiddos together! Gavin loved to stare at Morgan and Grant while they sang and danced around, its not often that he gets to spend so much time with people close to his size!

Casey's Grandma Jerry and Aunt Julie threw me a baby shower on Saturday morning (at Casey's parents place) which was a lot of fun. We got a ridiculous amount of stuff, it was amazing! Gavin officially has newer (and probably more!) clothes than either myself or Casey. What a lucky little boy to have so many people that love him! Gavin was awake for the hours before the shower, slept through the shower, then woke up when it was all over :) But again, its better when he's sleeping than screaming! Gavin has some of the loudest screams that I have ever heard come from such a little baby!

Are you ready for picture overload??? OK, here we go!

The first cousin encounter (Gavin's cousin Morgan)

Snuggle time

Our beautiful blue eyed boy

Gavin's cousin Grant

Stroller time for the boys

Grant liked to lay in the storage compartment of his stroller

What a goof!

Baby shower time

Out like a light, but all dressed up for the event!

I'm gonna be a drummer just like my daddy!

Now who were those toys actually for?!?

Grandma with her boys!

This kid was constantly on the go!

Aren't I cute???

Check out my chunky thighs!

Ok so who do I look like? My mom...or my dad?

I was pukey this day so they took all my clothes off

The three amigos!

Ok this is getting boring...

Yep, I'm done with this picture stuff

Gotcha Uncle Casey!

Look! I actually have hair!

Chillin w/Grandpa!

G' Night!

Why would I sit on the couch?!?

The toy boxes are the place to be

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