Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday & Sleeping In

The weather here in MN wasn't the greatest this past weekend, but everything is starting to get so green...finally! Even the trees are budding, hello spring!

On Sunday evening we went out to Stella's in Uptown to celebrate Uncle David's 24th birthday. Still can't quite get my mind around the fact that my "little" brother is 24! Gavin was well behaved, whew! He hadn't slept ALL day so we figured that he'd sleep through dinner. WRONG! But at least when he was awake he was in a good mood and just wanted to snuggle on someone's shoulder. The waitresses kept oohing and ahhing over him. But of course, when we got out the camera to take pictures, he was fast asleep...

When I dressed Gavin yesterday morning, I guess I was supposed to put him in Twins gear (they played at noon), not Gopher gear (Casey pointed out that they were not playing) but he is so close to growing out of his Gopher sweatsuit that I figured it was a great outfit for a rainy day :)

This morning Gavin decided he wanted to be awake at 5:30 a.m. Mom was definitely not feeling those early hours so I pulled him into bed with me after feeding him. Whenever we do this he usually sleeps about an hour, this morning he slept another three! So we both didn't get up this morning until after nine, it was wonderful :) But I can't complain, he consistently sleeps eight hours a night these days!

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