Monday, September 7, 2009

7 months!

Happy 7th month birthday little man!

Some of your latest "achievements"

Saying "THHBBB" back and forth with anyone who wants to play
Starting tablefoods (small pieces of bread/fruit/veggies)
Pulling yourself up in your crib
Undoing your diaper (mom is not a fan of this trick)
TWO teeth on your bottom gum
Now using Bubbles the Fish mask for nebbie treatments
Love to pick (and try to eat) grass and flowers
Following (scooting) people around the house
Find small objects (dog hair, lint etc) around the floor
Love to take off your shoes...socks...hats...
Get up on all fours, rock back and forth...almost crawling
Love to read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"
You have to be the one to turn the pages in books when someone reads them to you
Show off your toys to Mommy, Daddy, Louie... or whoever else is around
Give kisses and hugs
Fascinated with Mommy's hair
Cry when someone takes away your toy (or what you think should be your toy)
Say "mmmmm!" when you eat food you really like
Love to laugh when people give you raspberries on your tummy

Still hard to believe he's seven month old already...only 5 more months until we get a Vest...woohoo!

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  1. yay...7 months!! I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear all the time to the kids i babysit...awesome book!!!