Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gopher Night

We couldn't have asked for better weather for the first game in the new OUTDOOR TCF Stadium! OK, well it could have been a little less humid when we were in the masses of people waiting to get in, but with all of those people it's bound to get hot! There were 50,805 fans (sold out!) in attendance to be exact! The Gophers had been playing at the Metrodome and hadn't played on campus is 28 years!

As we watched the sky while we were "tailgaiting" (for a total of a half hour!) it looked like it was going to rain...but surprisingly the dark clouds passed us over and there wasn't a drop. Then, as we headed home (we live just 15 minutes away) we noticed that the roads were wet and there were puddles everywhere. I later learned, just a mile or two from the stadium it down poured...pretty cool that Mother Nature kept the stadium nice and dry on opening night!

Gavin did pretty well, considering he hadn't really napped much throughout the day. He took a short nap during the second quarter and halftime and was in a great mood for the remainder of the game.

Now of course we couldn't go to such an event without our camera...enjoy!

Walking to the game...

Getting closer....

We're in!

The massive lines we stood in to get in...

Our first view of the field...

Gotta have a flyover!

Here they come!

Go Gophs!

The huge flag that went across the field for the anthem

There were over 400 Gopher Football alumni, including several "honorary captains"

Bud Grant...if you don't know who this is, you aren't from Minnesota!

Gophs won the toss, chose to receive...

First play

Chillin' with Grandpa

Trying to figure out what play they were gonna run next...

The ginormous big screen

It was a beautiful evening...

Just in case you forgot...we're Minnesota fans :)

After a brief nap, he got a 2nd wind...watching the game

Give me that camera!!!

While we stood on this platform, the Gophs got their hands on a fumble and scored a TD!

Standing under the big screen

View of one side of the field while standing on the platform

Casey and I managed to stay up past 11 pm two nights in a row...we're pretty wild these days & living on the edge :)

On a side note, while people looked at our home during the afternoon we hung out at the Mall of America. We stopped at Famous Dave's for lunch and Gavin got his first taste of real chicken! I couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough. He also ate some french fries & part of a corn muffin. What a big boy!

Oh and by the way...the Gopher's beat the Airforce last night 20-13.

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