Monday, September 14, 2009

Finger Foods

Yesterday, while wearing my Favre jersey & watching the Vikings win, I was feeding Gavin lunch and decided to see what he would do if I put little pieces of food on his tray instead of straight into his mouth. He had pieces of banana and Gerber Peach Yogurt Melts to choose from...

As you can see it took awhile, and by awhile I mean about 10-15 minutes, for him to get the food from the tray to his mouth, but it sure was cute to watch. Once he got a piece in his mouth he was really proud of himself!

And did you notice that our dog Louie is never too far away from Gavin when there is food involved? Take another look at the pictures, you can see him in the background of almost every shot :)

For those of you curious, I've been using the Bumbo to feed Gavin instead of his highchair because we've put away the chair in our basement storage room while our home is on the market. He's really starting to outgrow the Bumbo so it won't work for much longer, but at least for now I don't have to haul the highchair up and down the stairs!


  1. At least your dog doesn't go up and steal his food. My moms dog does that and its the most annoying thing. I hate that dog.

  2. Love the look of concentration with the puckered lips. Adorable little guy!