Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's September already? How did that happen?

Today held a couple of firsts for our little guy, and one stupid move on my part. Well, actually I am writing this on Wednesday, but you all won't get to read this until Thursday...I'm sneaky like that.

To start, I almost burned our house down today. Well, not really...but for a few terrifying seconds I thought I had. While Gavin was napping I started boiling Gavin's nebbies in a sauce pan on our stove...yes, you can probably see where this is going...and then managed to daze off watching tv, forgetting all about the nebbies. The next thing I know, the smoke alarms are going off, the kitchen is all smoky and there is a really horrible burning smell.

I don't think I've ever jumped up so fast in my life.

I ran to the kitchen, turned off the stove and booked it outside with the disaster of a pan. All the water had boiled away leaving a melted nebbie stuck to the bottom.


Only I could pull this off.

While I left the pan sitting on the step, I ran back inside to make sure Gavin's room wasn't smoky (it wasn't) and that he wasn't freaking out from the noise of the alarms (he wasn't). In fact, he was happily awake playing in his crib lying down. I started to laugh at myself and went to grab a couple of fans, open windows and began praying that no one wanted to look at our house tonight because it really stinks. I really, really stinks. Ugh.

Still feeling like a total idiot, I went back into his room to get him out of his crib and this is what I found...

Now remember, he had been laying down. Which means he either sat up, or was in the crawling position and managed to grab the sides of his crib. This was one proud little baby.

When I took him out of his crib he screamed, so I sat him back down in it and watched in shock as he pulled himself up once again. OK, he's not even seven months yet. I am in big trouble...

Another first, was stage 3 baby food. Lately, he has been eating two tubs of meats, two tubs of veggies and one tub of fruit followed by a water/juice combo in a sippy cup for lunch & dinner, all stage 2 foods. After posting this info on facebook, several of my friends mentioned it was probably about time to get him started on table foods. So I decided to try stage 3 foods first to see how he could handle the "chunks." We did well with the bananas...with the spaghetti & meatballs...well...check out the video...

Ok, sorry its sideways. I edited it on my computer so it was the right way, but on Blogger it's sideways again...does anyone know how to fix this?!?

He didn't last much longer after that clip ended. He did one big THBBBBB! and covered me with red pasta sauce. Needless to say his night ended with a bath :)


  1. Have you tried a baby bottle steam cleaner for the nebs? They're automatic and take 6 minutes to clean...I have more info on my blog under "My Cystic Fibrosis" if you're interested.


  2. What a crazy day!!! Glad your house is ok!!! Gavin is getting so big...congrats on the pulling up and advancing to stage 3 foods...YAY!!! Gavin is so precious!!!!!

  3. Good job Gavin, with the standing and the food. Yea you're probably in trouble there. :) And don't feel too bad, I could definitely pull something like that off (the burnt nebbies). Like yesterday at the hospital I took a nap during shift change and then right after fell down "UP" the stairs in slow motion and the two ladies behind me gasped in shock because they thought I had passed out or something. It was pretty funny. I blame it on my genes. Is there a gene specifically for Accident Prone?

  4. Lol, I've been there, done that.

    When I forgot about the nebs on the stove, we were living in a two floor apartment, and my son was downstairs, and I was upstairs. I heard him crying, went downstairs, and it was just filled with white smoke, and that horrible smell. I opened the door, took him outside, and ran to the stove, and nothing was left in the pot.

    I guess you must have gotten to yours earlier than I did, because I swear, there wasn't even that melted plastic stuff. Only the little blue rubber part.

    After this, I boil the nebs in a glass bowl in the microwave for 15 minutes.