Tuesday, December 29, 2009

23 Pounds!

We just weighed Gavin...on our home scale so it measures to .20 of every pound...and our little big boy weighs in at just under 23 pounds! That is 5 pounds in about a month!

His weight is on the front of our minds each and every day. At every meal we pack in as many calories as he'll let us. We do not make it a big deal when he won't eat...but praise him profusely when he does and it seems to be working! We are truly lucky that he LOVES to eat and so far hasn't been overly picky...but we are aware that the toddler years are ahead and that could easily change.

We are extremely adamant that he gets lots of protein everyday. When we started with baby food, we started with meats instead of fruits/veggies, and instead added those in later. We pack in the chicken, hot dogs or beef, make sure he gets cheese/yogurt, and finish off with fruits/veggies for dessert. When he does just have a bottle, I add an extra scoop or two of formula to pack in those calories. He eats (whether its just a bottle or actual food) about every 3 hours.

We rarely feed him babyfood anymore, he is apparently too cool for it most of the time, but I like it since I know exactly how much food is going in him...it's hard to keep track with table foods since so much of it ends up on his lap :) But, finger foods are the way to go for our cool 10 1/2 month old!


  1. Yeah for weight gain! That is always a reason to celebrate! Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

  2. Yea!! I know that we all have our kids weight on our mind daily.. I know it's so exciting when they grow so well. Good luck with the new year