Monday, December 21, 2009


Gav is absolutely LOVING having his cousins in town for the holidays. Tonight, I thought we would leave Gma and Gpa's early because he isn't feeling the best and is exhausted...but we ended up staying until 8 because he was so busy having fun that he nearly forgot to be crabby :)

Tonight, all three of them played the "drums" on Grandma's bowls, looked through the Christmas toy ads (pretty sure Morgan has "always wanted" about 1/2 of the toys in each catalog), played with trucks and giggled with each other.

Gav has definitely been watching Grant's walking skills closely. He's done his best to keep up, but it's hard to do on all fours! Several times tonight he stood for 10-15 seconds all alone...until he realized he was standing on his own and promptly sat down!

I'm sure that time will fly by much too quickly, and soon the Davis clan will have to head back home to Indiana...but we will enjoy the fun times while they are here!

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