Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xmas at Grandma Oma's

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with my mom, brother and grandma. Gavin got spoiled rotten...and he's not even close to being done with celebrations. I am debating on putting some away for a bit, so he gets a new toy every week, but his birthday isn't far away and it will happen all over we'll see. What a lucky little guy :)

He got the Fischer-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home Playset...I will have to post pictures of him playing with that later. It took awhile to put the darn thing together, by the time it was done it was past Gav's bedtime, but he loves it and has been crawling through it quite a bit at home.

As you can see...he got quite a few more presents...

Look how big his eyes are,
he was SO excited to get this jumbo stuffed puppy!

We attempted to get him to look at his cards
but he didn't care too much about them :)

Kisses from Grandma Oma

Casey and my brother in their matching
MN Gopher coats

Testing out his new car from Grandma

Even Louie loved Gavin's new stuffed animal

Hanging out with Great-Gramma Heise

Gavin and Grandma Oma

We were very thankful to have our "new to us" mini van to take everything home...we literally had a car full.

Today, we spent some time over at Casey's grandma's home celebrating Christmas with the Brown of that to come!


  1. omg I am dying laughing at that eyes wide open pic!!!!! so funny!

  2. Love the eyes wide open pic:)

    I have to Oma short for something? I'm asking, b/c my mother-in-law likes to be called Oma instead of Grandma...I think it's German??? IDK???

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