Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wild Child

I have a wild child on my hands.

And he's not even walking yet...


Today, he decided that a small shovel was his toy of choice and carried it around all afternoon. He spent a long time "scooping" up toys, papers, pieces of lint (no matter how often I clean he still finds them!) and ended up by the doggie bowl. Apparently, our almost 10 month old has a taste for dog food. Bleh! I cannot even count the amount of times I have had to pry the bits of food from his fingers. But, it was pretty darn cute seeing him try to scoop up the food with his shovel :)

Along with eating Louie's food, Gavin also seems to think that they need to share Louie's
home...his kennel. Lately it's been a really fun game to crawl in and out of Louie's "room."

Our little wild child has the desire to be part of every activity in our home. Remember my issues with getting the tree up (incorrectly)? Well, in the midst of our frustrations, Gavin crawled over to his daddy to give his two cents on the fiasco...not sure he was much help considering it was another hour or so (and that trip to Menards) before we figured out what was wrong...but cute nonetheless! I really should have figured out my mistake by the size alone...our tree is twice the size of what you see below!

Also, congrats to my college roommate and one of my very best friends in the world, Sarah, on her engagement to Matt!

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  1. Um have you considered closing the door to the kennel while he's in there? hahahaha, no j/k gavin!