Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday!

On the trip down to Dubuque, Casey and I would never play "I Spy an Amish!" once we hit Harmony, MN and eagerly search for the first buggy going down the road...That would just be inappropriate and we would never point out people different than us. Nope, not us! We are much too politically correct to ever play such a game.

We did not have to spend the last hour of the three hour drive repeatedly singing children's songs and handing Gavin Gerber Lil' Crunchies in an attempt to get him to stop screaming. We would never keep on driving because we were tired of driving instead of pulling over to give him a break from his car seat. Nope, not us! We always do exactly whatever Gavin needs!

Yesterday, while putting up our Christmas tree, I would never have attempted to put the middle piece as the base...and while using the wrong piece for the base, I would never be absolutely confused as to why the bolts meant to hold the tree upright wouldn't keep the tree from wobbling. I did not have Casey continuously attempt to get the bolts to screw in correctly. We did not make a trip to Menard's to get new bolts (thinking the old bolts were stripped) all the while clueless to the fact that we weren't putting the tree together in the correct order. This trip to Menard's did not make Casey miss the beginning of the Vikings football game yesterday. Once we returned I did not try to connect the base of the tree to the top of the middle this point I did not shake my head, call myself a blonde and tell Casey what a dumb mistake I had made. I would never make such a dumb mistake, nope not me!

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  1. Hehe, hope you enjoy your newly softened water!

  2. So funny, I put the middle part in also when putting up our tree. But, I realized it much earlier than you!! Oh well, you will always remember this attempt at putting up the tree!!

  3. haha!! I hate when that kind of stuff happens oh well atleast you can laugh about it now!

  4. What a great post! I am right there with you, giving food to a baby just to keep them content... nope, NOT ME!


  5. Hey! I always watch for the amish buggies on the way down to Iowa! If you watch close, sometimes you can find them before Harmony, on 52 there is a large sign for "Honey for sale", that is an Amish house. You can pick out the Amish farms, their barns have lots of windows for light inside...