Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moving Week

Can you tell it's moving week with the lack of blog posts?

The days seem never ending right now...they are filled with packing, cleaning, laundry, and oh yea...child rearing. Today we brought down two carloads of stuff and I was able to get the kitchen nearly ready to go, our goal is to have only furniture to move on Saturday...but we'll see how that goes!

Yesterday, Gavin had his nine month check up and everything looks great! I had thought that he would have some immunizations, so I gave him some tylenol before we left....umm yep, no shots yesterday. Whoops! But he has gained over a pound in just 10 days, I knew that his lack of weight gain was due to him being sick/teething! On Sunday night he ate and entire slice of pizza! He would have eaten more but I didn't want him to get sick...hopefully his love of food sticks around! He is also nearly in the 90th percentile for height, not sure where his height is coming from?!? Neither Casey or I are "tall" so it will be interesting to see if his growth spurts continue.

As we speak, Casey is attempting to feed him...it's not going well. Everytime Casey gives him a bite Gavin goes THHBBB! Now from the living room, it's HILARIOUS. From Casey's point of view, not so funny...ok I am being beckoned to take over....

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  1. I am sure Casey's lack of patience doesn't help either!!!