Friday, November 20, 2009

Closing, Clinic & Friends

We closed on the house this morning. We stopped by to grab a couple of last items and ran into the guy who bought our home. I think our old neighbors will be pleased, he seemed very polite and very, very excited to own his first home. And yes, I shed a few tears as we drove away...but onto bigger and better times!

We hung around until late this afternoon and swung into the CF clinic to get Gavin his 2nd and final dose of the H1N1 shot...soooooo glad that it all taken care of! One last thing to worry about! Maybe some of you remember this, but if Gav's weight didn't improve enough we were going to have to add another medication to help his meds perform better...guesssss what! He gained enough weight so no new meds!!! I was really worried because he hasn't really eaten all day, he's been rockin a fever since last night and has refused to eat. He was up all last night too, so we're hoping it's just teething and nothing more major...but one day at a time.

While we were there we heard them announce a code blue in some section of the pediatric dept. Our pulmonologist and fellow (dr in training I guess?!?) heard it, immediately looked concerned and realized that it was one of their patients...ugh, I hate CF. They mentioned her name, won't mention it here, but that little girl will definitely be in our prayers.

Our pulm. also asked if we felt comfortable talking/meeting with parents with a newly diagnosed little ones...of course we said yes. In the past few months I hope that I have helped out other parents as much as some have helped me. I think the biggest fear is that life will never be normal...I'm not sure our life could be any more normal! Wish I knew then what I know now!

Gavin got his shot right before we headed out the door...after a day of no naps (we tried!) and little food....well, lets just say it didn't go well. As he screamed I told him that I would send him to Dr. Laguna's house if he didn't start to behave and she cracked up (while saying I don't think so!) and we all laughed when we thought about him getting into everything in her very non-babyproofed home :)

On different note, last Tuesday night we stopped over to have dinner with Casey's high school friend Kevin, his wife Amy and their two daughters Brynn (16 months) and Molly (7 weeks). Gavin loved playing with all of their toys and we both enjoyed the adult company!

Aren't they just the cutest?!?


  1. YAY for gaining weight...I know it is such a relief to not have to add any more medicines to Gavin's routine/daily schedule. Congrats on closing of the house!

    And thank you for being so supportive and encouraging other CF families. The CF community defintely appreciates that.

  2. Congratulations!!! So happy to hear about Gavin's weight gain and the closing! I am sure it will be nice to settle down.