Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Weekend

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In a fairly recent family tradition (we're on year four) we headed down to Dubuque, IA to my aunt & uncle's house. Here we were met by my aunt & uncle (duh!), my cousin and her fiancee, my mom and grandma, and my brother and his girlfriend. This year, Casey and I decided to stay overnight in a hotel vs camping out in the house so we missed out on the late night wine drinking & card playing festivities, but it was nice to have a quieter place for Gavin to have some downtime.

As usual, Uncle Pat cooked up some amazing grub! Gavin couldn't wait to dig in... he wasn't too happy that people were taking their time to get to the table :)

It was fun to watch Gavin chow down on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes etc...he absolutely loved the stuffing, and he thoroughly enjoyed eating Gretchen's portion (my cousin who couldn't make it this year)

After filling their bellies, Daddy & Gav relaxed by watching some football

After a fun day with family, we retreated to the Hotel Julien which is an absolutely beautiful establishment. It just went through a 30 million dollar renovation. I wish I could have taken the entire bed back to our home, bedding at all. And that bed was huge!

Part of the hotel's renovation included putting in a new indoor pool. Besides visiting the indoor water park earlier this year, we had never gotten a chance to play with Gavin in the pool. He sure loved it!

After the pool time we knew we needed to rinse the chlorine off our little man. But slight problem, the hotel rooms have a shower but no off into the shower he went!

He loved putting his face into the spraying water!

After spending a couple more days with family, and doing some shopping on black Friday we headed back home. Yesterday (the 28th) was Casey's 30th birthday so we went to dinner with his parents...where Gavin flirted with the hostess throughout the entire meal...and hung out with a couple good friends. Nothing too exciting for a birthday celebration yet...that will be next weekend :)

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  1. Love the shower pics! Jaleah is not a fan yet :) Happy bday to Casey!