Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gav's arrival & CF Diagnosis (Part 1)

I had the perfect pregnancy. Seriously. No morning sickness, no extreme aches and pain, he even showed us his gender right away at the ultra sound.

But, I had a ridiculously long and stressful delivery. Twenty-seven hours. Not even kidding. I went into labor in the very early morning hours of Friday the 6th and had him in the morning of the 7th. And because of procedures I had in the past, he got stuck during delivery. My temperature skyrocketed to 102 degrees, I got tremors, and our little guy's heart beat plummeted. It's never a good thing when your talkative nurse suddenly goes quiet while looking at the monitors. Especially when it's 4 a.m. and you're delirious from pain medications and sleep deprivation. The resident on call was in the middle of delivering another baby, she had to run into my room (I'm sure the other patient was just thrilled) look at the monitors and told me to stop pushing. Umm..excuse me? Stop? Yea, ok real simple. Not. So for the next few minutes the nurse closely monitered me while we waited for the other baby to be born.

Soon the resident ran into our room, took another look at everything, and told me that I had three pushes to get him out or I'd have to have an emergency C-section. Oh crap. But with the assistance of the vaccuum and two huge pushes our little man was welcomed into the world. We had been warned that he may need to be rushed away immediately, but he came out pink and screaming so they let us hold him for a bit first. Then he had to stay in the "special nursery" until we left so that he could get antibiotics in case he had gotten an infection during all the drama.

We thought that two days under special care was no big deal. Then we could go home and start our normal, healthy family life.

Little did we know.

For the first couple of days I didn't notice anything wrong. But then, on a Wednesday night he filled up diaper after diaper with poop. Casey would just hold a diaper under him immediately after changing him and he'd fill that up. It happened with about six or so diapers in a row. I knew something was wrong. Breastfeeding babies did poop a lot, but not like this. So off we went to the ER. And of course he stopped pooping, he had nothing left in him! But after telling the ER doc that we were going to see our ped the next day he sent us home.

Everything looked perfect at Gavin's first pediatric check up. Weight was fine, he was tolerating food better (or so we thought), and the doc said he looked great.

We then broke some newborn baby parenting rules and brought our five day old baby to Target with us, our biggest concern was thinking that some old lady would breathe on we kept him all covered in warm as we made the quick stop.

I was completely worn out by the time we got home and fell asleep, I vaguely remember the phone ringing. I vaguely remember Casey saying...uh huh, ok, so who are we supposed to call? The University of MN? OK, we'll call. Let me talk to Jen...

Casey then came and fully woke me up with the words I'll never forget..."Jen, Gavin has a disease called Cystic Fibrosis?"

The ped had gotten the results from Gavin's newborn screening test just 20 minutes after we had left his office.

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