Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I Know For Sure

Rebecca took the words right out of my mouth...Ellen was ON Oprah.

This pretty much made my entire month of November.

I have an obsession with's a must watch for me everyday...Oprah is not far behind.

Shhh, don't tell Casey, but a big reason I wanted a DVR once we move is because both shows are on at the same time in Rochester. Umm, what?!? Seriously. Who does that?

But...moving on...

Each month in O Magazine, Oprah writes a "What I Know for Sure," column...this month Ellen wrote the article (why I haven't bought this month's magazine still remains a mystery). Well, my friend Rebecca wrote her own "What I Know for Sure," on Mommyhood today and I decided to rip off her idea follow along with her and write a list of my here goes!

What I Know For Sure: Mommyhood Edition
  1. Even when your little one begins to sleep through the night, you will never again get a good nights sleep. Even while sleeping, your ears will strain to hear every little noise they make. Whether it's the sounds of sighing, the rustle of their sheets as they roll over, or their hear it.
  2. There is no longer such a thing as having my own dinner plate. My plate is open for sharing. Whether the sharing is by my choice as I give my child a spoonful of food, or if a little fist pops up out of nowhere grabbing a's no longer my own.

  3. It is impossible to go to Target without stopping in the baby/children department. It is also impossible to go to Target without a's now a go in, get what you need, pay and leave dawdling anymore!
  4. Johnny Jump-ups were the best invention ever.

  5. People you have not talked to since highschool (or longer!) will become close friends/confidants on facebook if you have children somewhat close in age.
  6. You will suddenly have a great interest in your friends labor/birthing stories. How long were you in labor? How long did you push? Did you use pain meds?

  7. You will wonder what in the world you did with all that free time? What did we do on those random Tuesday nights when we didn't have baby to stare at/play with?
  8. The days of lounging in bed uninterrupted on a weekend morning (or ever) are long forgotten.
  9. After changing ridiculous amounts of absolutely disgusting diapers, constantly wiping boogers and cleaning up spit up...there isn't much that can gross me out anymore.
  10. You once again get giddily excited for the holiday season. It will once again be a time full of mystery, surprises and Santa Claus...and the bonus is that you get to enjoy it through the eyes of your child!

Stay tuned for next week's edition...What I Know for Sure: CF Mom Edition

What do you know for sure?


  1. love your 10 "what I know for sures". makes me want a baby! ha. (one step at a time lace). you're a fantastic mom, jen. and yes, I'm obsessed with ellen too! did you see that I watched her out my work window last week as she filmed at Oprah? crazy! she was out there with Portia, filming some crazy magazine news stand skit. ;) (btw, just figured out how to best comment on your posts).

  2. Well Jen, I'm flattered you liked my idea!

    ahhh the old days of lounging in bed on a saturday...

    and i agree. johnny jump ups are quite possibly the best baby invention ever :)

    p.s. can gavin and jaleah hang before you're out of here for good? maybe?

  3. What I know for sure is that I love seeing my daughter experience all the joys of motherhood with Gavin that I experienced with her!!

  4. Great post. I'm so with you on Target. I go there to buy bum cream and come out with $100 worth of baby stuff...not good. I've banned myself for the rest of the month.

  5. Jen, that was great and sooooo true! I agreed with everything!! What about the joy of watching cartoons again?!? LOL