Saturday, December 5, 2009

Uh Ohs and Bathtime!

Our little man LOVES bathtime. Love, love, LOVES it. The second he sees someone in the bathroom he crawls as quickly as possible towards you in hopes that you'll fill up the tub. After covering himself from head to toe after every meal these days, night time baths are becoming quite the ritual (and necessity).

Getting the bath water ready

This is what happens when your head size
is in the 95th percentile :)

All ready to play in that water!
(he was so excited he was dancing)

Just enough hair for one of these classic pics

Ok, I'm done!
Get me out of here please!

It's amazing how much he changes each and every day. On Thanksgiving he didn't really say any words except for the occassional Momma or Dada. Now just a few days later he loves to say up! (as you saw in the previous post) and whenever he drops (aka throws) something he says uh oh! He started doing this on his own out of the blue when we were wandering through the Apache Mall the other day and he dropped something.

Ok, so that "something" was an individually wrapped Wet One because I had forgotten to pack any toys in the baby bag :)

Plop on the floor it went, and before Casey and I even realized something had been dropped we heard a tiny little..."uh oh!" So cute! But he has refused to say it once the camera is rolling...we finally caught it on tape after bribing him with a Fruit Chillers (yummy!)

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