Thursday, October 14, 2010


Is how Gavin pronounces dirt, and for a boy who is obsessed with anything dealing with dirt, trucks, tractors etc…when we woke up to this…


outside our window. Our crazy bed headed…


little guy ran to the window shouting, “D! D! D!” (d=digger). He immediately pulled his oversized (for him) chair over to the window to watch the show.


He eagerly watched the “d” move from house to house, digging holes every few feet or so.

The city is coming around this weekend and planting trees up and down the blocks of our neighborhood. I don’t know what it is, but something about tree lined streets makes everything just a little bit more comforting, so I’m thrilled that they are doing this!

Anywho, after naptime, Gavin took one look out the window and realized what that digger left behind.

Dirt. Dirt. And more dirt.

He was in heaven.

hmm..looks pretty good

yep, this is definitely worth digging into

my mom is totally going to make me take a bath

best day ever. 

Yes, that giant sink hole and piles of ripped up sod will have one, measly little stick tree in the midst of it come Saturday. Curious to see if they do a decent job cleaning up the mess and put everything back into place!

After two baths today. Yes, it took two to get him clean…I mean, do you see how dirty his feet are?


It took everything I had to keep him out of the dirt for the remainder of the day.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

(and if you noticed in the background above, yes I was totally watching the Chilean miners on CNN all day today. I couldn’t turn it off, what an amazing story!)

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  1. and they never grow out of it lol lol.... Cute....