Monday, October 4, 2010

The End of September

Gavin and I ended September with a bang. Not a huge bang…but back to back “field trips” in one week was pretty exciting for us homebodies! And guess what, neither adventure cost us more than a couple dollars worth of suggested donations :)

We live near a nature center, surrounded by crisscrossing walking paths that weave you through the woods and over small creeks. One of those places where you forget that you’re within city limits; instead the sights and smells allow you to imagine that you’re hundreds of miles away from your day to day life.

But first, we stopped in the nature center. Why I hadn’t brought Gavin there yet? I have no idea! Well actually, I had no idea how fun it would be for him…and me!


IMG_3063 IMG_3064
He wasn’t sure about this guy…quizzically asking me, “Roar momma?”

He couldn’t get enough for the oversized aquariums, filled with local Minnesota fish. And loved to point at the animals/fish hovering above.


How does this exhibit not gross you out. That tube, and that glass case are filled with thousands of bees. Of course, Gavin was enthralled yelling, “bees…bees…beeeeeeeees!”


He managed to squeeze in some time to work on his reading skills…at least he’s got the book right side up :)


After spending an hour outside…

in stroller

checking out the walking paths…and (now, don’t be surprised)…running and jumping off everything he could find…


He was beat.

It may have been one of the last remaining afternoons we got to spend in t-shirts! This morning, the grass was covered with a thick frost, the temps were in the low 30s, and we bundled up under a blanket to watch PBS until the chill in the house went away.

October…we’re ready for you! Bring on the pumpkins, the candy, the costumes, and yes…we’re even ready for that chilly weather! Any guesses on what Gavin is going to be for Halloween? His costume is hanging up in his closet, ready for the 31st!

Btw…the sunglass on his head is all him, not me! Once he gets his shades, he will not take them off. Inside, it’s on the forehead, outside over his eyes. Cracks me up every time :)

*** Please keep Gavin’s buddy Ben in your prayers today, as we speak he’s getting his first round of infant PFTs done! Crossing our fingers for ridiculous high results!

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  1. I can't believe he not only wears his sunglasses, but he leaves them on his head!! He looks so cute in them. Thanks for the shout-out!!