Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Food & Fall

I am pretty sure I can put the majority of the blame of Gavin’s “non” eating on teething. Yesterday I realized that he has popped three molars in the last couple of weeks, with the fourth about ready to show itself. And his canines seem to be working their way up…ouch!

But, his appetite has definitely perked up, now that three of those big‘ens have popped…this morning he drank a huge thing of milk, a nutrigrain bar, a banana and a sausage patty…yay for calories!

But there are those meal/snack times when I just know that he’s gonna play the picky card. So recently, I’ve discovered that allowing him to eat at our kitchen island brings a new level of excitement to the occasional meal. Also makes me realize that we need to get some barstools that have backs, so that he can sit there rather than stand on a kitchen chair!

standing 2standing
please ignore the mess…we were in the middle of grilling up burgers!

Although, his increased appetite may also relate to the fact that we’ve been able to spend a lot of time outside recently. While it’s frosty & chilly and around 35/40 degrees  in the morning…the temps rise to the upper 60s/ low 70s in the afternoons. (Welcome to Minnesota weather!). That fresh air will get anyone’s appetite up and running!

While our little stick tree in the front yard doesn’t exactly supply the piles of fall leaves deemed worthy of raking…the local parks (and zoo) are filled with them.  Piles and piles of multi colored leaves.

leaves 1
leaves 3
leaves 2
pure joy.

The two pluses? (1) We don’t have to rake up a thing! (2) it’s an instant way of keeping Gavin occupied for more than three minutes :)


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  1. Gavin and Bryce sound so much alike! Two peas in a pod. ;)