Tuesday, October 26, 2010


…are life savers.

After just a few days together, the girls, Gavin and I have gotten a pretty good routine down!

Everyone starts off the day eating breakfast, followed by play dough/coloring time then we spend 1/2 hour watching a cartoon while Gavin does his vest.

Which by the way, they think is super cool. And they giggle listening to Gavin’s shaky voice.

Then it’s free time until lunch. Which is followed by quiet time for the girls, and naptime for Gavin. While Gavin is still sleeping, the girls and I work on stuff that Gavin would probably just make a mess of. Whether it’s completing a puzzle, or working on a craft, they truly enjoy the time to get creative.

Once Gav wakes up, it’s snack time. Then we all head outside…weather permitting…and the girls love to run laps around the circle of our cul-de-sac, with Gavin trailing behind (once again, screw you CF! He can run like crazy!) Our driveway is now typically covered with all sorts of chalk designs :)

Depending on how much fun they’re having (yesterday was spent jumping in puddles!) we either stay outside, or head back in for some reading time. This is always interesting…the girls want a longer book, while Gavin wants a short picture book…oh well, teaching them that life is all about compromise can’t be a bad thing!

Once their mom/dad picks them up…I often find myself in a daze sitting on the couch, halfway paying attention to the local news. While we have fun with all the kids here, it’s mentally exhausting trying to keep track of everyone! And each night I do my best to clean up the house, sanitize some toys, and keep our house as germ free as possible! I haven’t made it up past 10 pm yet!

On a side note, the first day the girls came over, they each had their baby dolls in hand. I quickly realized that Gavin had never, ever seen a baby doll! He was 100% totally confused. He looked at them closely, poked them…and quizzically asked me “me-mes?” (babies). Even more confusing, was that one of the girls was holding the baby doll upside down by it’s foot! But by yesterday he had the doll thing down, after watching the girls play mommy….Gavin was quickly “feeding” the girls with a toy spoon and bowl :)

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  1. Those baby dolls are funny lol... When Lane was 1 and going to daycare at that time, he was surrounded by girls playing with dolls, playing house, strollers etc... So yes that year we had to buy him a cabbage patch for christmas.. HE LOVED it lol lol... He was so proud that he had his OWN baby.... Today he totally denies it lol....