Monday, October 11, 2010

Toddler Days

These days, our lives revolve around 2-3 word sentences. Trying to decipher toddler gibberish. Chasing our “mini Casey” in circles around the kitchen island. Ignoring total meltdowns…

Life with a toddler, right?!?

Some of Gavin’s favorite sayings?

  • “Runnnnnnnn!” – where you are required to chase after him
  • “Watch beesbawl” – watch baseball (unfortunately, the Twinkies lost…stupid Yankees)
  • “Watch Ooooos” – watch Oso
  • “Meme eat” – Me (Gavin) eat
  • “Meme mow dass” – Me mow grass = I want to play outside
  • “Ooo ‘mon” – Louie, c’mon!
  • Whooooaaaaaaa!” – Whoa…at anything fun/exciting
  • Owwwww”  - think the boy who cried wolf
  • “War toos” – wear shoes
  • “Bad Dog!” yelled at Louie whenever he barks, includes the shaking of his pointer finger
  • “No Nigh-Nigh” – no night-night
  • “Meme niceeeeee” – usually said while sucking up to you after doing something naughty
  • NO.” -  no explanation necessary.

At our engagement/family pics on Friday (hopefully I’ll get them back soon!) I wore a green sweater, and dark blue jeans. I mention this because as I left my bedroom Gavin saw me and said, “Woooooow! Mama, bue & deen!” (Translation: Wow! Mama is wearing blue and green!) He couldn’t believe that his mom was wearing the two colors that he knows, and knows well! I immediately burst out laughing and gave my smart boy a high five.

This past weekend, we attempted to head over to a local pumpkin patch. Emphasis on attempted. I didn’t feel well, Gav was crabby, there were nasty little black gnats biting us, and it was 85 degrees (we were all in jeans). We made it to a couple of activities but didn’t even make it to the pumpkins! We’ll have to try again another day before the 31st. I have pictures, but they’ll have to wait for another day :)

Speaking of the weather? It has been hot. I was 100% wrong when I said that Gav would no longer be able to wear just a t-shirt during the day, now that it’s “fall.” Last year at this time, it had already snowed twice. This year? It’s been in the 80s everyday! Somewhere in the middle would be nice Mother Nature…I’m just sayin’….

On a side note, please take a moment to hop on over to my friend Stephanie’s new blog! Her little Logan (uber cute by the way) also has CF, and I think you’ll love her new site! For someone who says she’s not a great writer…I beg to disagree!


  1. I love that Gav knows his colors and can speak so well!! What a little chatterbox! I wish he could come play with Ben :(

  2. So excited to see pictures! Where did you decide on?