Monday, October 12, 2009


Since I last posted it has snowed twice here in the frozen tundra.

Yes. You heard me correctly. It is October and it has snowed twice.

But that's what happens when you live in Minnesota! It's currently snowing right now, and in my opinion it's absolutely beautiful out! I love the first few snows of the season, its never that cold (30 degrees isn't that cold to Minnesotans, it can easily get sixty degrees cooler than that) and the snow melts in a day or two. Plus, last winter I was pregnant and wasn't able to go skiing and this year I can. So bring on the snow mother nature! I want to hit the slopes!

The first snow of the season
Saturday morning

The second snow fall of the season
Monday morning

Since Gavin was born in February, and was too young to comprehend the snow, I thought that this morning might be a fun time to introduce him to the frozen stuff. So I sat him down the front entryway, grabbed some snow from the front steps and sat it in front of him...

At first he thought it was pretty cool...

Not surprisingly, he had to stare at it for a bit...

And then he realized it was really cold, and it wasn't so fun anymore...

Better get used to it little man! It's here for many months out of the year! And your daddy really wants you to play hockey....


  1. I love the first snow too! SO pretty and a little exciting!! Still, October DOES seem early for it!

  2. Aww....poor Gavin :)

    I love beautiful! But we rarely get it even once here in Alabama!!!

    I was born in February too!!! I've always wished for snow for my birthday, but it's never happened. This past year, we did get a pretty good snow (for us Alabamians at least...2-3 inches) the first day of March. When we do have snow, it always seems to be in March...which for us, is not the coldest part of winter!!

    Glad you get to go skiing this winter!!! Have a great and blessed week!