Thursday, October 1, 2009

Frustrations of Selling

As many of you know, Casey and I have started to get extremely frustrated with the process of trying to sell our home. There is a program out there called, "Book A Showing," where the showing agent sends feedback to both the selling agent and (us) the buyers. It allows the potential buyer to rank the interior/exterior/floor plan on a scale from 1-5, whether or not the home is priced at market value & priced to receive an offer, and open for other comments.

We have yet to receive a negative review. And we have yet to receive a reasonable offer.

What the heck?!?

If I read, "house shows great! but buyer prefers a different home in the area," again I might scream. OK, so maybe I already have...I almost wish that people would give us a bad review instead of a pat on the back...

Kind of like a break up I guess. When someone breaks up with you, you really, really want them to be a huge jerk, have done something seriously horrendous, allowing you to despise them and believe yourself to be better off. But when that breakup is because "we just didn't work out" and the other person is very nice and cordial...this is usually where the "let's just be friends" comes into's nearly impossible to be angry or upset, and instead you end up with a wounded ego.

It seems like everyone who has been through our home says, "let's just be neighbors" instead of the new owners of our home. I have really tried to stop stressing over the situation, but each Sunday evening gets harder and harder to say goodbye to Casey as he heads down to Rochester to work for the week.

I am really tired of living apart five days out of the week, and I am getting even more frustrated with our agent. I will be so happy when this is all over and we can officially begin on a new chapter in our life.

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