Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainy Friday & Updates

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, as many of you know our life has been a little off schedule lately. We are currently down in Rochester...took a look a couple of potential places to live for the next few months, Casey has had a couple of meetings about potential jobs (cross your fingers!) & we visited the Mayo Clinic

No, we did not visit Mayo for anything CF related (whew) but Casey had a follow up appt for a clinical research study he participated in (again, not CF related) and Grandma G. works there. So we strolled around in the skyway system & visited one of the coolest Barnes & used to be a theater.

We think we've decided on a small two bedroom townhome. It's all one level...which will be great for Gavin once he starts to walk, we won't have to shovel/plow snow, and there is a small back patio/yard where we can let Louie outside. Yes, it's small, but it's clean, cheap, relatively new, and it's only temporary. I think it's a great fit for what we need right now.

Gavin's top two teeth are delaying their appearance. The poor kid has been miserable all week. We've gone through our fair share of tylenol, baby Orajel & teething tablets, but I wish they would just pop through!

Oh, and we also got to sneak in a trip to Urgent Care. We had tried to go to the Target minute clinic, but little ones have to be at least 18 months old to be seen there, so off to Urgent Care we went...

After lots of ear tugging, we had thought Gavin had an ear infection (luckily, he doesn't) and because we don't have a regular ped here yet, we figured that urgent care was the best route. We pretty much hid in the back corner of the waiting room, I think we were the only people there that did not have flu symptoms. The doctor even came into our room wearing a mask (she removed it when she realized why were there) which made it all the more apparent how contagious this new flu strain is.

So now we are hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's, wishing the rain would go away but enjoying the lounge time in pajamas!

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