Friday, October 16, 2009

Adults are wimps...

There, I've said it. Adults are wimps. Kids are the tough ones.

This week, Gavin had nearly a 102 temperature, more teething and a really nasty cold...and it barely phased him. He also face planted crawling over me yesterday and cut his lip with his teeth. After about 2 minutes of crying he was totally over it. I guess as Lane's mom has stated it, he's "CF made!"

Now if this had been me, I would have been bitc...I mean, crabbing about it for days. Lying on the couch whining about a sore throat, my need for a glass of orange juice and some DayQuil. And if I had cut my lip? I would have complained every time any salty food touched it, that stuff stings! But as many of you know, CFers have to add salt to nearly everything they eat, and lots of it, and it never bothered my little guy once.

But I do know an adult, that is most definitely not a wimp. Not anywhere close. In fact, over the last few months she has become one of the strongest women I know.

See this little face? The brave woman is his mom, Ashley, the wife of Bryan

For those of you who know me and/or follow my blog, Bryan is my brother's best friend (who I considered a brother) that passed away tragically earlier this year. Ashley has just started a blog of her own to vent her feelings, share her story, and to find a support group of others who have gone through similar situations. Head on over to her blog here to check out their story. She wrote a beautiful post yesterday about their love story, it truly is something out of a movie. Let her know that I sent you over!

Their son Owen and my son Gavin are only six weeks apart in age, and Bryan and I always joked about how they were the "next generation of best friends." I'm pretty sure Ashley and I might force that role on them still...ok, I'm kidding, kind of, not really...nope I'm not. They're definitely going to grow old being best friends continuing on my brother David & Bryan's friendship. Please stop by her site and show her some love!

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  1. you said it jen - kids ARE so much tougher! I will definitely check out Ashley's site.