Saturday, October 31, 2009


As I started to clean out our pumpkins for carving, I realized that Gavin would probably think that the "guts" would be pretty cool to play with, and possibly appetizing? So I stripped him down to a t-shirt and diapers, assuming it would get pretty messy...and I was right :)

After these pictures we're taken, he started scooting/crawling all over the kitchen....dragging the "guts" with him...thank goodness for our Swiffer WetJet!

Once the pumpkins were cleaned out we got to carving...
Daddy carved Goldy the Gopher

Gavin (Mommy) carved Scooby Doo

Mommy carved out the moon & stars

For those of you who have been following the blog, you know that Gavin and his pumpkin "match." Yep, Gavin is Scooby Doo for Halloween this year! We are going to stop by a couple neighbor's homes to show him off, but other than that we're just going to answer the door and hand out candy. Here is sneak peek picture...more to come!

By the way....Gavin's first word is Dada! He started repeating Casey saying it last night, too cute! He already knew that I am mama and Casey is dada, but now he actually says it! Well, at least to Casey :) Casey also taught him a new trick last night...when he says, "Momma's talkin'!" Gavin covers both his ears. He's also become quite the little "walker." We've set our living room up so that our love seat connects to the ottoman which connects to our couch in an L shape, he can start at one end and walk all the way to the other, and he also has figured out that to get down all he needs to do is sit, what a strong & smart little man we have on our hands :)

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