Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moving on...

We have spent the last few days hibernating...which is easy to do in this gloomy weather...trying to come up with some sort of plan for the next few months. We have figured out a plan for our living situation (the inspection on our current home was yesterday, we are still waiting to hear from the buyers) for the next couple of months. While it's discouraging to go back to renting for a bit, as long as we are all under one roof... that's all that really matters.

We're praying that my car survives just one more bitter cold winter, it's on it's last legs but we cannot afford any major car repairs, or a new car for that matter...

Remember being a kid and wanting to grow up oh so badly?!? Well no one informs you at that point that being adult can really suck sometimes. The bills, home/car repairs, child rearing, headaches etc. can really take it's toll. There are many days lately where I would love to be eight years old again running around at recess...

But back to business...our main priorities at this point are getting moved, finding Casey a job, and then getting a job for myself so we can get ahead financially again. If any of you have connections to someone hiring, or thinking about hiring for a sales position in the area, please let us know! We are open to any suggestions at this point.

On a happy note, Gavin has been showing more and more of his silly personality. He now repeats many of the noises Casey and I make. For example... if we whisper, he whispers... if we make a really loud noise, he makes a really loud noise. He loves to clap, wave, and hold up his pointer finger when we ask him, 'who is number one?!?' He also climbs stairs, pulls himself up on everything, and is starting to walk along furniture. His favorite thing to do is sneak up on whoever is using the laptop and bang on the keys...he'll be emailing by 12 months at this rate :)

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  1. I understand how you guys are feeling and am praying that everything works out for you.