Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Time for Giving

I was directed to this blog today by Jaxson's mommy Lacey.

Here is Juliana's posting...

Arianna's school nurse asked me today if she could have any of Arianna's clothes that she has out grown. Explaining to me that a woman that works at the school, and just moved her for CA, had a baby girl on Saturday.

The baby aspirated muconium and is in the NICU, and mom suffered a stroke yesterday. She has absolutely nothing for her baby and now will have hospital bills to pay, she does not have medical insurance to cover any of the unforeseen cost.If any of you out there have little girl clothes that you were planning on getting rid of, or any baby items that would be useful to them I am pleading for you to let me know, I will find away to get them to her. We have found a crib, my parents neighbor just so happens to have one that didn't sell at her garage sale.

If you have anything, anything at all that you would be willing to donate to this little family, please email me: jenvanderpool@yahoo.com where I can get you connected to Julianna (or you can email her directly). Diapers, formula, clothes to grow into etc...I know many of you have extra/new baby stuff laying around that you no longer use (or never used at all!).

The holidays are upon us, and while many of us (including our little family) are struggling, it's an important time to remember that there is always someone more in need.

UPDATE: I now have an address for mailing the baby supplies...please email me so we can get stuff to her soon!


  1. thanks Jen for your help in spreading the word. It really means a lot to me that so many are willing to help, even when we are all struggling. I will post updates on mom and baby when I get them.

    Thanks, Julianna

  2. Thank you dear for helping us help this person in need.