Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Rambles

I wish I could say that my lack of blog posts lately is because I’ve been doing some heavy duty spring cleaning. But, umm…here’s a section of my kitchen counter



So, obviously we haven’t been busy cleaning.

But we have been enjoying the warmer weather. This morning the last tiny bit of snow in our backyard melted, and our front yard is melting away like crazy. We’ve finally gone from this

snow 1IMG_4075

to this!


Gavin and I have spent hours outside this week, enjoying the ability to play outside without stuffing ourselves into bulky, winter wear! Gavin helped me spread out the larger piles so that they would melt more quickly, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we try to keep it off the driveway, he was such a big helper!



Did you notice the toy lawn mower on the small patch of grass, he’s still obsessed!

For his second birthday, my mom got him a motorized John Deere tractor. But for a Minnesota kid with February birthday, the gift had to wait all boxed up in the garage! Yesterday, I spent nearly 1 1/2 hours putting the thing together, but it was worth every minute when my little guy woke up from a nap to the finished result!

 IMG_4888 no, he’s not driving it in the house! just pretending!

I was so excited to get him outside to try it out…but he wasn’t quite sure about the whole idea. He pushed the “gas” pedal a couple of times, but was hesitant to drive it more than a few feet. I’m sure that after a couple more days, or watching a neighbor kid drive it around, he’ll be more into it!

Tomorrow we’re headed to Minneapolis for a big surprise for our little guy. About a month ago I wrote a letter to one of his favorite tv shows, one that we have spent uncountable hours watching while doing his vest…after the weekend I’ll share the event! Any guesses on what we’re going to do?

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