Friday, March 4, 2011

His own.

Like father mother, like son.

I love taking pictures. No, I am not a photographer (obviously) but I do love capturing the moments of our day to day lives. And lately Gavin has become increasingly interested in our DSLR. It’s far from being the fancy camera among my photo loving friends, but it cost us a pretty penny and the last thing we need is a two year old destroying it!

So I dug out an old point and shoot…and Gavin is obsessed. He has figured out how to turn it on & off, how to zoom, how to click to take a picture…and when he attempts to take a picture of his toys he yells at them to “Say Cheese!”


holding camera


Let’s be honest…the majority of his pictures are of absolutely nothing. A random shot of the living room rug, the corner of his dresser, or his feet. But he’s thrilled, and I get the giggles when I see the random images he’s captured throughout the day.

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