Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mr. Independent

The hibernation of winter appears to be over.

Everywhere you look there are people out and about. People are out walking, stopping to talk to their neighbors instead of hustling back inside.

Yesterday, several kids on the block were out playing on the remaining snowdrifts. I noticed Gavin watching them out the front window, and realized that this year he was old enough to head out and play without me being within arms reach. So out he went, and as he hit the end of the driveway he turned at looked at me with a wave and said, “Bye Mom.”

Ugh. Already? I know that he still loves to play around with me, but the lure of kids is already pulling him away. The “big” kids were thrilled to see “Gavey” running their way and immediately included him in their play. As I sat and watched him play from three doors down (while soaking up some sun!) I realized that this summer will bring a whole new level of independence for my little man.

While he was outside, I noticed our new neighbor pulling into her driveway. And surprisingly, she unloaded not one, but two young kids from her car! As much as we love our block, most of the kids are a few years older than Gavin, so I was thrilled to see two younger ones on the street. Her little girl is almost four, and her little boy is the same age as Gavin! And when I say the same age, they really are…his birthday is just one day before Gavin's! Score! I am so excited for these two to become little buddies!

So as the snow begins to melt away, I will miss my little peanut doing this…


But I am even more excited to get back to this…

 Bike 1 

Happy melting!

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