Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movin’ & Groovin’

We definitely were blessed to get the opportunity to bring Gavin to meet his favorite tv stars! 


With the magic of fan sites & emailing, I was able to connect with some of their staff. And they are unbelievably amazing! We were given the friends & family rate for the tickets, and were upgraded to VIP for free! A single VIP ticket (which included the meet & greet) was $125. Times that by three? No way we could have afforded it. But, all three of us were able to attend, to join the VIP adventures and have really great seats, for less than the cost of just one VIP ticket. We just couldn’t turn a deal like that down!

In my opinion, Gavin has more than enough extra obstacles to overcome in his life, so if he can get a few extras here and there, I’m OK with it. Which is exactly why I contacted the Imagination Movers in the first place. To be honest, I never thought I’d hear back from them…but I should have known that their team would be filled with caring & compassionate people!

Like I mentioned, we had fantastic seats, just a few rows away from the stage. And the guys did an amazing job of including the audience in their show. They all took time to run around the audience (even the balcony) and when Smitty came around Gavin got a big high five!


A friend had warned me that these “VIP parties” weren’t very exclusive. So I had prepared myself to be in the mix of craziness. But in this case, it wasn’t that way at all. About 20 kids plus their parents were at the Mini Mover party following the show. The guys arrived and put on a mini private concert, taking requests from all the kids.


IMG_4943doesn’t Smitty (3rd from the left) look like Josh from Joshland?!?

When it came time to take pictures with the group, I really thought that they would pose, smile and move on to the next family. But it was the exact opposite. They took the time to personally thank the parents, say hi to the kids, and get to know each and every fan that was there. Because we were the second to last group to meet them, we got a few extra minutes of their time. We told them about Gavin having CF, that he does an hour of breathing treatments a day, and that their show is one of the few he’ll sit still for. They quickly realized how many hours of their show we had all watched, and laughed that we’d still come to see them (aka we weren’t sick of them yet, ha!).

Imagination Movers 2

It truly was an amazing day, and we loved that their show was Gavin’s first ever concert. He did great during the show by the way, he loved every single second of it! I just hope that he can remember even a brief moment of it…my first memory is of a Neil Diamond concert when I was about his age…maybe this can be his first memory too :)


  1. So fun! Love the pics too! Madeline is a HUGE fan also!

  2. Smitty DOES totally look like Josh's clone, I've always thought that myself. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.