Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conner Man


Please visit Conner’s site when you get the chance. He is a seven year old little boy who lives in Washington, and will be going home to Jesus soon after a strong and valiant fight against CF and Prune Belly Disease.

His parents (and two younger brothers) are living hour to hour…and minute to minute. My heart just aches.

It’s a mixture of feeling broken and peaceful. This little boy has touched the CF Community in major ways and we will all miss him terribly…but he is going home. We are just guests here, this is not really our home, we’re just here visiting. And there is peace in knowing that he’ll be up there looking down on his family.

When you see the color red…think of Conner.


  1. Yes, if there is any solice, he's running and jumping now. Watching the YouTube video of StinaBug's "last day" as she struggled for breath rips my heart out, but she was able to get new lungs in the nick of time.

    Running and jumping one way or another, I see it as.