Friday, June 18, 2010

Keep your clothes on…

Sorry, no flashing today.

We had some pretty serious storms yesterday so we spent the evening/early night in the basement watching the NBA Finals on half the screen and the weather on the other half. Needless to say, the flashings of Friday were the last thing on my mind.

Today, we’ve got errands to run, including a visit to a possible wedding venue. So between last night, and the business of today, we’re taking a vacation from flashing…just for one week!

But, I do need new ideas for future Flash Me! Fridays. Would much appreciate some ideas in the comments, or via facebook!


  1. Some "flashy" *teehee* ideas:
    --office area (i.e. wherever the computer is at)
    --spare bedroom (or kids' room)
    --area where you eat meals
    --what your dishes look like
    --view out of a window
    --favorite place to relax
    --TV / entertainment area
    --piece of furniture that you'd most like to trash or replace
    --favorite piece of furniture
    --closet / wherever you keep your clothes
    --an area that you are particularly proud of in terms of decorating skills
    --a collection (if you have one) or something you would perhaps like to collect more of
    --"Hobby" area (your favorite area to spend time pursuing a hobby like reading, scrapbooking, editing photography, knitting, etc...)

    Man, am I nosy or what?!?!? I think FMF is a really fun blog hop - thanks for coming up with this idea!! It's really neat to see others' personal styles, esp. since we are somewhat spread all over the country!

  2. Good suggestions Darcy! I like being just as nosy too. The only others I can think of are garage, bedroom, and kitchen.