Monday, June 28, 2010

New CF momma blogger! & randomness

Thanks to Flash Me! Friday I got connected with another CF momma blog…and she’s new to the blogging world!

Head on over to Jessie's site to show her, Brandon (10) and Tyler (8 with CF), some love!

(p.s. Thanks for the tip Jessie, great minds think alike because I was thinking the same thing!)


Also, several people in the last few weeks have been asking me where I got my blog design.

I can take credit for absolutely none of it!

It was all done by Carla, and amazing mother of two and all four of their family members have had some major health issues. 100% of the cost to get your page redone goes towards their family’s medical bills. I originally found her blog because her son’s name is also Gavin, but fell in love with her writing…and her design abilities! I keep meaning to get her to update mine again…but life during the summertime is just too darn busy!

But I guess that’s what happens in Minnesota, you have to squeeze all of those big events into the 3-4 months it’s warm enough to get out and about :)

I promise that I will be getting in contact with you again soon Carla!

My amazingly awesome friend Sarah, had a BEAUTIFUL baby boy named Max early this morning. But I have to wait until she officially posts some pictures of her own before I share the one she sent me…maybe I’m a bit biased but he is one of the most handsome newborn baby boys that I have ever seen!

And one final note…those of you who are facebook friends are aware that I came home Sunday to one sick little baby. A temp & a super nasty, junky cough. But with extra vest treatments, tylenol, extra naps & juice it seems to be taking care of itself…crossing my fingers it’s just some sort of virus!

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  1. yeah my computers working again. For now!!