Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I’m all about a deal

Those of you that know me well, know that I have an obsession with craigslist. (Yes, Margaux…used that word just for you!)

I post stuff & search for stuff…and as of lately, buy a lot of stuff off of the site.

We didn’t have a patio set, so I kept my eye open for one. Found one. And yes, it was rusted (which I sanded and painted) and the cushions had seen better days (so I recovered them)

and WHAM!

patio set

A “new to us” patio set…it does have an umbrella, but it’s uber windy out and I had to take it down.

Is it the greatest sewing job? Umm, no…far from it…hadn’t sewn a thing since home ec class way back in the day…but I think I did a fairly good job…as long as you don’t inspect it closely!

I always keep a close eye on the baby & kids section, as those things tend to go very quickly. I emailed about a Little Tikes toy the other day, thinking I would never get it because it was such a steal…but I was the first person to contact them…


Fifteen bucks. And Gavin lovesss it.

Of course we have to go up the slide, and not the stairs…


But he’s one happy camper!

We inherited a large play set from my aunt and put part of it together last weekend…well, just the part for the swings…but I’ve already lost count how many hours Gavin has spent swinging. He was happily in his swing for 45 minutes this afternoon!


But back to craigslist…

I also scored a dehumidifier & coffee table within the last week.

Our basement laundry room had a really musty smell, and within one day of having the dehumidifier plugged in, it smelled great. And I cannot believe how often I have to empty it, gotta love Minnesota humidity!

This coffee table was another steal…


A whole twenty bucks. And Gavin quickly discovered it’s two drawers…I never know what I’m going to find when I open them!


Moving is expensive and we needed a lot of stuff, but didn’t have the funds to buy everything new. So craigslist has saved us a ton of cash.

And when you have a wild toddler tearing up your house, it’s always better to avoid brand new…it wouldn’t stay pristine for long!


  1. love the new items, specially the coffee table! Love me some Craigslist!!

  2. That's funny you posted this. I just did some Craigslist shopping myself today!! I really LOVE your coffee table!!

  3. Oh and great job with your patio set..I'm very impressed!!! I would've called a family member to do the sewing!!!

  4. Jen, the patio set looks great! I'm so impressed, but you always have been pretty handy!!
    So, do you need a desk? I've been trying to get rid of our old one on Craigslist forever! :)

  5. I'm OBSESSED with craigslist too!! <3