Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flash Me! Friday

This week’s flash…

Show us where you kick your feet up & relax!

Is it your living room? Rec room? Bonus room? Bedroom? Doesn’t matter, let’s see where you spend your down time!

Before we begin…I know….lots of brown on our main floor right now. BUT, there is a reason. We need a new oversized chair (the rust colored couch is new) and an area rug! And those, I want to be bright, bold & colorful!

This is the view as you walk through our entryway into our home…

living room6

And as you continue into our upstairs living area….
living room2

Keep walking…

living room3
And a final shot…

living room4
Since summer is underway we spend the majority of time in this room enjoying the fresh air. The three sets of frames to the left of the tv are photos I took on a vaca in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. Below those, I’d like to get some sort of sofa table, with storage, or some other sort of narrow storage to put Gavin’s toys in that currently sit on the floor.

The green, “Gavin” chair was meant for Gavin to use for his Vest treatments…but he sits in it more if it’s upstairs...and often uses it as a stepstool to look out the front window.

Once Gavin is in bed, you’ll typically find either Casey or myself sprawled out on the couch (where I am right now!) and the other person snuggled up in the oversized chair watching whatever is on tv…and I often include a glass or two of wine :)

But here is where I need help…


See that green oversized chair? Needs to be replaced. After multiple spills by all members of our family, the cover for the seat cushion has been through the wash several times and no longer matches the rest of the chair.

See that blue wall? My favorite color I used in the house thus far.

See that massive area rug? Oh wait…doesn’t exist…

writing 2

And here is a red pendant light that hangs above the sink in our kitchen…but because it’s all open space I consider it to be the same room…and it gives our main floor the warmest glow at night!

So here’s my issue. I want the future area rug to have a similar blue & red… which has been tough because with those colors all I can find are modern, clean lined designs. I am not someone that enjoys modern living. I like to mix & match everything to get a warm & cozy feeling. So, if I go with a bold area rug (which I’ll eventually find), what color chair do I get?

Solid? Patterned? Mixing? Matching?

I’m stumped. And frustrated. But I have to remind myself that we’ve only been here a little over a month and it will take time for it to get fully furnished & decorated…

p.s. the only reason there is not clutter all over the floor is because I went on a cleaning spree today, scrubbing floors & everything. Normally this room looks very, well… very lived in!

So…where do you kick up your feet and relax?!?

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  1. I love your relaxation spot! Love the floors!! So I noticed your blue wall and red lamp. If you're going for a blue/red area rug, then I'd go with a red chair. One close to the same material as the couch.

    I love your idea of Flash Me Friday!!