Monday, June 14, 2010

A Whirlwind

From the day we finally moved into our new home, I was anticipating our housewarming party.

Several of my friends told me I was nuts to throw a party just a few weeks after moving in…but I knew that it would keep me motivated to get everything unpacked & organized, to paint the rooms we wanted changed & to make this house our home. I am someone that needs a deadline to complete a task so to me, the timing of the party was perfect.

Little did I know that Casey had something else up his sleeve.

On Saturday morning, Casey…with the help of Gavin…proposed! So, four years and one baby later we are finally taking the leap into marriage!

No, we aren’t married! I have been told by several others I’ve gotten to “know” via the internet always assumed that we were, but we did things a little backwards :)

No location or date has been set, but the celebration will be sometime early next summer. We don’t have a specific day in mind, so whatever we can get together for venues will make that final decision.

We’re still in the process of creating a wedding party & asking those individuals if they will stand up with us on our big day…ok ok, I have already done this, we’re just waiting on Casey, haha…and once we get to that point I’ll create a separate site for our big day!

But for now, here’s a couple pictures of my amazingly beautiful ring! It hasn’t really sunk in for me yet, maybe it will when one of us has to introduce the other as a fiance for the first time.

my ring2
my ring3

I realized this morning that Casey and I didn’t even get a picture together that day…whoops! But we’ll get one soon!