Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I was outsmarted today.

By a sixteen month old.

Trust, me…I can only wish I was kidding.

For the first time in over a week, we were able to play outside. I almost forgot what the sun looked like.

Gavin has a gazillion toys to play with in our garage. Did he want any of them? Of course not. He wanted to run around to the back of the house & get in the way of a neighbor mowing his lawn.

After several escape attempts, it seemed as if he was finally content with hanging out in the front. He came over to me, pulled me to the driveway and handed me a piece of chalk while pointing down…in other words…

Sit mom. And color on the driveway with this red chalk.

So I sat, and started to color. And what did Gavin do?

BOOKED it to the back of the house.

He knew that he could get me to sit, that I would get distracted with my oh so artistic chalk drawings (I can draw a mean stick figure) and would focus little attention on him.

He knew that the second I sat down and got interested that he would be free to escape to the backyard and bother our neighbor again.

That little stinker.

Gavin: 1.

Mom: 0.


  1. I Love It! I remember once Bryan colored on the family room wall with a purple magic marker, my Mom said, " Why don't you frame it" ! Wish I would of now. Enjoy! Love Lori

  2. Hehe, too funny...Nathan actually does the same thing but he pulls my finger to the ground and says "sis sown" aka sit down.