Monday, November 1, 2010

Dancing Machine

We sure had a blast this year for Halloween! For the first time, Gavin got to go trick or treating! Last year, we just stopped by a couple of houses to show off his costume.

It didn’t take him long to figure out how to get that candy…Elmo 3Elmo 5

He was totally confused by some of our neighbors, who took the opportunity to dress up. The lady in the horns & wig lives across the street from us, and Gavin totally adores her…but he couldn’t figure out who she was until she removed the wig! It took some coaxing from Dad to even get up close to them! Too funny!

Elmo 4

He got lots of smiles from our neighbors…we may have only lived here for six months, but our neighborhood is so friendly that everyone knew Gavin by name when he walked up the steps! We sure love where we live!

Elmo 1Elmo 2

And while we adults were freezing (it was in the 30s), Gavin refused to wear the “hat” of his costume the majority of the time, ran around like a mad men, and seemed oblivious to the chilly weather!

Elmo 6

On Friday night, our local YMCA threw a Halloween party called, Spooktacular, and Gavin had a ball. They had set up a “haunted” path that weaved throughout the darkened halls and up & down the stairways. The hallways were filled with halloween decor and employees dressed in costume handing out candy. The trail ended at the gym, where they provided a dj, several carnival games, coloring tables, as well as popcorn and lemonade.

Grandpa and Grandma Groettum tagged along with us, and we all couldn’t stop laughing at Gavin’s choice of dance moves…the two videos below show off some of his skills! Enjoy!

The one handed move he does in the beginning is him “drumming” (Casey is a drummer)



  1. Lets see if I can actually leave a comment! He looks so cute. Carter never wanted to wear hats either, even in winter!

  2. How adorable! Thanks for sharing the video Jen. I love, love, love, watching them dance. It was pretty much the same here with Owen. He ran from house to house. I was really surprised he wasn't afraid of anyone. But that's the problem, he isn't afraid of anything! Take care, Hugs!

  3. Love those dance moves!! Too cute. :)