Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun in the snow

Last weekend the Twin Cities got slammed with a snowstorm. Most places got between 10-12 inches.

An hour south, we got this.

Which didn’t even last 12 hours. The snow quickly turned to rain and it all melted away.

Some may think I’m crazy, but I was bummed. If it’s going to be this cold outside, then we might as well have some snow! And I love the snow, especially now that I “work” at home and don’t have to drive anywhere very often!

But, we spent the night before Gavin’s PFTs at my mom’s house, and she had some snow on her deck. My worries about Gavin despising the snow again this year quickly went away. He wouldn’t come inside.

snow 1

And yes, I was that mom that did not pack snow pants or boots. We didn’t get up there until the late evening, and I had no idea she still had that much snow…so it didn’t even occur to me to bring winter gear. Dumb.

Yes, he did have mittens but refused to wear them. Which definitely didn’t help out this situation…

snow 2

You may be able to tell that he’s having a total meltdown. He had fallen down, but didn’t want to put his hands in the snow to help him stand back up. But, he still refused to put on mittens…oh well, he’s a Minnesotan, he can handle it!

He spent nearly an hour outside, and broke down when we finally made him come in.

snow 4snow 5

snow 3

So now I really can’t wait until we get a decent amount of snow on the ground! (and come February all I’ll want is for it to go away!)

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