Friday, November 5, 2010


Gavin has hit a stage where he is repeating everything we say. And I mean everything!

Every evening, Casey and I watch Wheel of Fortune, and we get pretty competitive with it. The other night, as contestants were attempting to solve the puzzle, Gavin started shouting out random letters…trying to help :) Now, Casey and I are working with him on practicing the alphabet…while we repeated it in the car yesterday, we said A, B, C, D, E…and he said F! We could hardly believe it, it was too cute! What a little smarty pants.

With the holidays quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun for Gavin to actually learn a few names, instead of just pointing


Not too shabby! Although getting his full attention is pretty much impossible these days :)


  1. He is so precious! It's kind of surreal to have a "internet friendship" and then to hear your voices on a video. Wish I could meet your little booger in person!

  2. Love it!! Ari watched the video's with me, and when you said "mama" and "grandpa" she said them too. It was so cute!